Sunday, March 18, 2012

AARP Says Review Isn’t A Review

So AARP is out taking to agencies to handle their creative and media work.

According to AARP, it s a procurement-driven exercise.

Also, according to AARP’s Michelle Alvarez, senior manager-media relations, “This is not an agency review on GSDM. It is a relationship we have valued over the years and continue to value.”


So they put the account up for review. But, it's not a review.

Oh, I see, it's for procurement reasons.

I always thought procurement was a process that advertisers went through to see if they were getting value for dollars spent.

The best place to find that out is to check marketplace results.

But what advertisers really use procurement for is to find ways to get the same value for less dollars spent.

If they want to save dollars, start by firing the procurement officer.

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