Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thinking Small

BMW Mini is putting their advertising account up for review.

The reason isn’t based on the performance of the current agency—Butler Shine Stern & Partners. Nor is it based on sales. Rather, it’s being mandated by Mini’s procurement department.

In other words, they want to pay less.

Here’s how a Mini person put it.

"Mini USA has been very satisfied with BSSP's services," Tom Salkowsky, manager of Mini USA marketing, said in a statement. "They have helped support Mini's growth over the years with groundbreaking, never-been-done-before creative. We are simply adhering to BMW Group corporate purchasing procedures by going to RFP."

Butler Shine Stern & Partners will participate in the review.

They shouldn’t.

Instead, they should tell Mini goodbye.

If advertisers can mandate reviews based solely on procurement, agencies should be able to fire advertisers based solely on stupidity.

Advertisers want big thinking from their agencies.

And yet, advertisers give their agencies small thinking in return.

At least, when it comes to small thinking, BMW Mini lives up to their name.

Then again, perhaps it should be called BMW Petty.

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