Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pre-Roll TiVo

It seems that what consumers would enjoy more than anything else right now is a pre-roll TiVo, so that they could fast-forward through pre-roll commercials online.

Pre-roll, which survey after survey has confirmed, is one of the most irritating forms of advertising known to man. Every advertiser has that data on hand. So you would think that perhaps advertisers would take that info to heart.

Instead, the forecast is that pre-roll advertising will increase by 62% this year.

In other words, advertisers have taken the most irritating form of advertising available and said let’s do more of it.

Let’s spend more money on advertising that people try their best to ignore, or disable, or fast-forward through.

That should work.

Some advertisers, knowing how irritating pre-roll advertising is, include a count-down so that the viewer will know how much longer they have to sit through the commercial before what they really want to watch starts playing.

You would think that advertisers would wise up.

But, for reasons only know to them, they don’t.

The way I see it, there are three possible reasons why this is so.
1. Lazy
2. Cheap
3. Stupid

I know, you all want option 4, don’t you?

All of the above.

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