Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Difference Between Search And Reach Is An "S"

The words “search” and “reach” have the same exact letters except for the addition of an “s” in the word “search”.

I find this interesting if only in the sense that search and reach are actually the same thing, except initiated from different parties.

Reach is something that advertisers initiate. They reach out to consumers to get them interested in their products.

Search is something that consumers initiate. Consumers search out advertisers to find out more about the products that they’re interested in.

Both have someone reaching out to someone else. Either advertisers to consumers. Or, consumers to advertisers.

TV is good for reach. But lousy for search.

Online is good for search. But lousy for reach.

There's a reason for this. TV is controlled by advertisers. Online is controlled by consumers. Whomever controls, initiates.

So what does all this mean, if anything?

That rather than trying to find a way for online to deliver the same sort of reach that TV does, let’s use online for what online does best.

Allowing consumers to reach advertisers.

Maybe search needs a themeline. How about this?

Search. It’s reach, only smaller.

Which at least would explain the “s”.

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