Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is 24 Hours Of Involvement With Your Brand Worth $925?

Since I've been offline for around a month — vacation — I thought I'd come back with some math. And try to explain how creativity and math now work together in the digital space.

It seems like a no-brainer to me, but perhaps it's only just me.

A client I know wants to run an online roll-over video commercial. The commercial is 50 seconds long. The client has $50,000 to spend.

The ad network has told the client that $50,000 will get him 8,437,500 impressions.

At .01%, the number of people who will actually start watching the commercial is estimated to be 93,750.

If all 93,750 watch all 50 seconds, a total of 4,687,500 seconds will be spent with the brand.

That translates to 1,302 hours.

Which translates to 54 days.

At $50,000, this translates to $925/day of involvement with the brand.

Is this worth it?

The industry has never looked at media cost as a time-spent issue. In other words, the industry has never looked at time-spent with the brand being the actual value delivered rather than impressions.

How long versus how many.

But perhaps we should start.

$925 for a day—24 hours of time spent with a brand—seems like a bargain.

How this relates to creativity is simple.

The creative needs to get that 50 seconds out of every viewer who starts to watch. Otherwise, the cost per 24 hours goes up.


Or, am I still in vacation mode?

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