Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What Exactly Constitutes A Video View?

According to Nielsen, a video view is three seconds or more.


You run a thirty-second spot and three seconds constitutes a view? In other words, the commercial is considered viewed, even if 90% isn’t watched.

Others say a view is when half the video is watched. Still, others say a view is when 100% of the video is watched?

Who’s right?

I don’t know.

But the way I look at it is that a view is what the viewer says it is. Not what we say it is.

Three seconds. Thirteen. Twenty-three. Thirty. It depends on the viewer. And, on how interesting they find the advertising.

Which is why I feel that maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Maybe the question isn’t what constitutes a video view, but rather who’s accountable for a video view? No matter how long it is.

What I think everyone can agree on is that the more of the commercial that is viewed, the better for the advertiser.

Ten seconds is better than three. Thirty seconds viewed is better than ten seconds viewed. In other words, there’s value in view duration.

As such, who’s accountable for it?

We know who measures view duration.

And, we know that what can be measured can be monetized.

I’m surprised the top creative agencies haven’t stood up and said, “It’s us. We’re accountable for view duration. Pay us accordingly. The longer we engage the viewer, the more we make.”

Imagine if they did that.

Imagine if one did that.

If one did that, then the others would no choice but to follow. For if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be thought creative.

It seems this business runs from accountability. What we should be doing is running towards it.

What we need more of is, "I did that".

"I’m responsible."

As it is, it seems like our industry leaders are becoming more like politicians every day.

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