Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Three “i’s” of Advertising

Everything these days seems to be “i” this and “i” that. We have the iPad, the iPhone, and the iPod.

What we seem to be forgetting are the three “i’s” of digital advertising.

iMpressions, iNtent and iNvolvement

By breaking advertising down this way, we can start to assign accountability to the different players.

For example, whose accountable for iMpressions? That would be the publisher, wouldn’t it? The publisher is the one who creates or aggregates the content that will bring in the largest number of interested people.

iNtent? Well, I would say that’s the job of the media buyer. Aren't they supposed to target the message to the right audience to eliminate waste? If targeted correctly, the argument is that more people, when given the chance, will opt-in to watch a commercial.

So let’s say media agencies are accountable for iNtent.

As far as iNvolvement goes, well, obviously, that’s the responsibility of the creative agency.

Once someone opts in to watch something, how long they’re involved in that message has nothing to do with the content the publisher put together, or the buy the media agency has made.

Once the viewer clicks in to watch, accountability transfers to the creative itself

Why is this separation of powers important?

So accountability can be laid at the feet of those actually accountable.

iMpressions (reach), iNtent (click-ins) and iNvolvement (view duration) are all measurable. It’s all separate data. By looking at the data separately, an advertiser can assign responsibility.

By monetizing the data separately, the advertiser can then tie accountability into the bottom line.

If advertisers want accountability, it’s quite simple really.

When it comes to the digital platform, it’s an “i” for an “i”.

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