Monday, August 08, 2011

How AdKeeper Can Help Sell Cars

Currently, AdKeeper lets you keep ads that basically take you to a company’s website. Looking for a BMW, keep the banner ad and later, when you’re ready, it will take you to the Volvo site.

And that’s all fine.

But, in my opinion, it’s missing the opportunity.

Think about how people buy cars. Most people, when they’re in the market, have a price range. Within that price range, they narrow their choices down to a handful of brands and models.

Let’s say the price range is $50,000. Let’s say the consumer has narrowed it down to Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

If they’re like most car buyers, they have scoured the websites for the respective cars, spent hours on Edmunds, and have read the specs over and over. Still, they haven’t decided.

At this point, what’s going to push them off the fence towards one of the cars versus the others?

More rational data? More statistics? More numbers?

Doubtful. They already have more data than they know what to do with. This car gets 18 miles per gallon. That one, 19. At this point in the buying process, the data is no longer differentiating enough to drive a decision.

What’s needed now is a way to bypass the head and connect with the heart. A way to make them feel, not think, why spending $50K on a Mercedes is better than on a BMW or an Audi.

What’s needed now is nothing more than a film of persuasion. Length? Should be as long as it is interesting. After all, the viewer is going to save it to view at his/her own leisure, so thirty seconds is no longer the norm.

What lets them save the film of persuasion to view later?

That would be AdKeeper.

This is how AdKeeper sells cars. Not by driving users to websites. But rather, by offering the viewer a chance to engage with the power of video on their own terms.

To be enticed, enchanted or intrigued into buying the car, not reasoned.

Currently, the digital platform is used for rational sales pitches.

This is a grave miss use of the space.

On the digital platform, video, when people are able to view it on their own terms, can be of any length.

Adkeeper allows video to be consumed on the viewers’ terms.

The platform is there.

Now, who knows how to write those films of persuasion?

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