Friday, July 01, 2011

Which is more important in building brand sales? Media or Creative?

Ask comScore, and they’ll say it’s the creative (marketing variables influencing changes in brand sales: Ad Quality: 52%, Media Plan: 13%).

Ask a media guy, and they’ll say it’s all about location, i.e. the media.

But think about it.

It’s difficult to argue that building sales for a brand will improve if people watch more of the commercial rather than less.

Media offers people the opportunity to engage with a commercial. It’s a delivery system.

Whether they choose to engage with that commercial or not depends entirely on the content of the commercial.

This is why two different commercials run in the same media placement achieve different results.

Media delivers an opportunity to engage (OPE).

Engagement per opportunity (EPO) is creative-based.

Both media and creative should be held accountable for what they truly are responsible for.

And, not for what they’re not.

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