Saturday, July 09, 2011

Should Three Seconds Constitute A Video View?

According to Nielsen, if a person watches a commercial for three seconds, it's considered a view.

Which means if the publisher is charging on a cost per view basis, they can charge for a view after just three seconds.

Let’s say you, as the advertiser, spent $360,000 to produce that commercial. That’s around $12,000 per produced second.

What Nielsen is saying is that you just wasted $324,000, because, hey, three seconds is a view. I have to believe most advertisers would beg to differ.

Taking Nielsen's logic futher, if three seconds is a view, then why don’t the networks and publishers just charge the advertiser for three seconds worth of media, rather than for thirty seconds?

What Nielsen is basically saying is those other 27 seconds don’t matter. Three seconds constitute a view. If the seconds don't matter, why should the advertiser have to pay for them?

This also means that a sixty-second spot should only cost six seconds worth of media.

C’mon, Nielsen. Three seconds?


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