Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Notion Of “Served Impressions” Only Serves The Ad Network

The IAB is asking that we move to a new standard of “viewable impressions” rather than the current standard of “served impressions.”

The reason why is that a served impression gets counted even if it wasn’t viewable to the consumer.

Ad Networks like “served impressions” as it lets them record more impressions and charge more money.

According to Joe Casale, CEO of Casale Media, “There are more worthless impressions bought and sold in supply today than impressions with actual value that can deliver results, influence consumers and lift perception.”

Mr. Casale agrees with the IAB that this needs to stop.

We agree with both the IAB and Mr. Casale.

But we also would argue that “viewable impressions” don’t go far enough when it comes to commercials delivered on the digital platform.

Just because the commercial was on an area of the screen where it could be viewed, doesn’t mean it was viewed.

What proves it was viewed was when people press play on the commercial and then measuring the amount of time spent with that commercial.

All this data is available.

Media doesn’t want to be held accountable for time spent.

Nor should they be.

Once a viewer clicks play, accountability transfers to the creative.

Only by measuring time spent will we actually know if the impression actually had a chance to make one.

Media gets the consumer to water, but it can’t make it drink.

Getting the consumer to drink still is, as it’s always been, the job of the creative.

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