Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why AdKeeper’s Good For Advertising

The article on AdKeeper in the NY Times today mentioned both those for and against the service.

Some say it won’t work, period.

Some say it may work, but only for coupon ads.

Few say it’s brilliant.

Put me in the last camp.

I’m not saying that AdKeeper will be successful. It may still be slightly ahead of its time. But what AdKeeper is acknowledging, and, in turn, making us all acknowledge, is that it’s the intrusiveness of advertising that is the problem.

Not the advertising itself.

This isn’t to say that the creative aspect of the advertising that we’re inundated with can’t be improved. The creative aspect of advertising must improve if it is to survive.

And that is where AdKeeper comes in. That is how AdKeeper is good for advertising.

The key difference for AdKeeper is that it makes advertising invitational rather than intrusive. It puts the user in control rather than the advertiser. As Scott Kurnit, the CEO of AdKeeper likes to say, “It’s time-shifted advertising.”

Right now, people will keep ads on AdKeeper like they clip coupons from the Sunday paper, when there is a personal savings for them involved. That makes sense. We all put our own interests first.

But how about ads that aren’t “cents off” focused? How about commercials? Will people save those to view later as well?

While many say no, I say yes.

My rationale? Search.

People search for products they’re interested in, click on the website, or ad, or commercial about that product and spend time with it.

What AdKeeper really does that’s revolutionary is that it transitions reach to search.

The ad or commercial will get the reach it needs because it’s distributed through the normal media channels. But then the consumer changes the reach ad – intrusive – into a search ad – invitational – through that little button AdKeepr puts on the bottom of the ad.

In other words, AdKeeper offers advertisers the best of both reach and search.

This alone will make advertising better.

But the second reason that AdKeepr is good for adveritisng is simply this. Once the ad or commercial is stored away to be viewed later, it has to be created in such a way as to maintain the viewer’s interest.

In a nutshell, creativity will need to improve.

Because while AdKeeper can measure how many people click on the commercial to watch it later, it can also measure how long people watched the commercial for.

From the advertiser’s perspective, longer is better.

You would think this would give AdKeeper a second revenue stream.

Not only should they be paid for how many time-shift the commercial. They should also be paid for the data that tells the advertiser how much time was spent with the commercial.

Which will make AdKeepr not only good for advertising.

But also, advertising good for AdKeeper.

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  1. Of course I am biased (I work at AdKeeper), but I so enjoy your posts. You weave your words so well to tell both a rational as well as a compelling story. And I agree with you that advertising creative will need to improve, but I think we're starting to see the beginning of that with the proliferation of award shows and companies like Facebook creating studios to teach ad agencies how to make more engaging ads.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post!