Thursday, June 02, 2011

Do We Really Want Online To Be Like TV?

It seems as if we’re getting closer and closer to making online and VOD like TV.

The question we need to ask, and ask soon is, is this a good thing?

BlackArrow, a tech company that facilitates ads in VOD programming, recently announced that they can now dynamically insert mid-roll ads into VOD streams.

In other words, we are now getting closer and closer to duplicating the TV ad overload experience into VOD programming.

From VOD programming, it’s an easy jump to online.

Advertisers and their media agencies probably see this as good thing as it keeps all their buying systems the same. If they can buy online and VOD like TV, hell, that makes their job much easier.

But, it doesn’t make the viewing experience better.

And, it doesn’t make the creative guys go back to the drawing board to figure out how to craft advertising that isn’t interruptive. The type of advertising that draws people in enough to watch.

Once again, the industry is catering to expediency over effectiveness.

Once again, the one who loses in the short term is the viewer.

What goes unnoticed is that the one who loses in the long term is the advertiser.

But of course, that shouldn’t be too surprising.

After all, long-term thinking went out the advertising business a long time ago.

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