Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What Kind Of Commercials Will You Make When The Viewing Of Commercials Is Optional?

By optional I mean non-forced views. This excludes pre-roll and mid-roll, the most prevalent forms of online video advertising.

By optional, I mean advertising that people can keep to watch later. Along the lines of what AdKeeper offers consumers.

Down the road there will be two types of advertising. The type that intrudes, driven by the intent of the advertiser. And, the type that viewers are allowed to choose to click in and watch, driven by the intent of the viewer.

In a word, optional.

The interesting thing is that content must be created in context of control. Is the advertiser controlling intent? Or, the viewer?

If the job of the advertising is to intrude, then it has to be created differently then if viewers choose to watch on their own initiative.

Intent is a gate. If the advertiser forces their intent on the viewer, the gate swings closed quickly. If the advertiser allows the viewer’s intent to drive the interaction, the gate has a better chance of swinging open.

The thing is that when advertisers pass through that gate, they must act differently. Instead of yelling and shouting to get attention, advertisers need to treat the viewer with more respect.

After all, if advertisers don’t respect viewers, how can advertisers expect viewers to respect them?

Content must be created in context of control.

When the viewer controls the interaction, meaning that they can leave at any time, content must be created knowing that the job of each second is to keep the viewer watching the next second.

It’s thinking about advertising as creating connections rather than commercials.

It’s about telling stories that in a poignant, human and surprising way, reveal the brands’ essence for being.

When the viewing of advertising becomes optional, the way advertising is created becomes optimal.

Most shops don’t know how to do this.

Does yours?

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