Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Viewer-Controlled Agency

I was just wondering what it would be like if we had viewer-controlled agencies instead of, well, let’s be honest, advertiser-controlled agencies.

To be a viewer-controlled agency simply means that the amount of money that the agency makes is controlled by the viewer.

How so, you ask?

Well, the more viewers who watch a commercial, the more profit the agency makes. And, the longer viewers watch a commercial for, the more profit the agency makes. Conversely, if zero watch, then zero is the amount of profit that the agency makes.

In other words, the better the commercial works for the advertiser – in number of viewers and view duration – the better it works for the agency.

I think this could only help to bring some integrity back to the craft of advertising.

After all, profit would be completely dependent on the work itself.

Obviously, if the agency is going to put its ass on the line this way, the advertiser would have to back off on how the creative is executed. In other words, once the creative idea is sold to the advertiser, the advertiser lets the agency do what it does best.

Create engaging and involving work.

But what if the product doesn’t sell, I hear some of you already yelling. What if? Then, of course, you fire the agency.

This is only about how an agency gets paid to create sales. Sales are the end result. If an agency doesn’t deliver sales, they’re gone.

That said, how many of you actually think sales would go down under this model?

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