Friday, May 13, 2011

The Truth About Strategy

Regardless of what an agency may tell you, no one has a sure-fire formula for solving advertising problems.

Clearly, if anyone did, there would be no advertising problems. And, only one advertising agency.

Some agencies, in an attempt to create the illusion of reassurance, do march out their strategic processes or formulas. Plug in a problem, out pops a strategy.

Fine. For what it’s worth.

The rub is that it usually only pays lip service to the actual problem at hand. Which is that your product or service will only be successful if it fulfills a need.

Does it?

If so, which one? Can you own it? Or, have your competitors already convinced the public that their products answer this need better?

Be honest with yourself. A lot of money is foolishly spent trying to make something out of nothing. To not advertise is a perfectly legitimate strategy. And, sometimes, the right one.

After all, the fundamental need isn’t to find a strategy.

It’s to have your strategy find a need.

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