Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tools vs. Talent

We all know that the cost of the tools needed to create a commercial have come down.

But that doesn’t mean that the cost of a good idea should be any less.

A good idea occurs before the tools are put into play.

The tools are there to take the idea, which is in the originator’s head, and allow it to be created so that it can play online, or on TV, and get into someone else’s head.

Yes, the cost of these tools — cameras, editing equipment, etc. — are all less expensive now than they were before.

But the talent that came up with the idea isn’t.

Nor, should it be.

When advertisers examine the cost of creating an idea, it’s okay for them to try and bring down the cost of the tools.

But if they want their advertising to be successful, they shouldn’t scrimp on the cost of the talent.

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