Monday, May 02, 2011

A Question For Scott Kurnit. Who’s Accountable For Getting An Ad Kept?

This a question for Scott Kurnit, head of AdKeeper, the new service that allows viewers to bookmark ads of interest to view later.

Whom exactly is accountable for getting an ad kept?

In this piece that ran recently, Mr. Kurnit mentions that for publishers whose ads prove more keepable, – “we know when an ad was kept and where it was kept from, so we will see a shift in ad spend.”

From that it seems that Mr. Kurnit believes that it will be the publisher who is accountable for getting an ad kept.

Or, is it the media agency that placed the ad on that publisher’s site the one that is accountable? If an ad is not kept, is it due to improper targeting?

Or, is it the creative of the display ad itself that did not attract the viewer enough to get the ad clicked and kept for later?

Mr. Kurnit goes on to say that “the new types of ad units are not meant to be clicked, but engaged with?”

He's right about that. Click through rates are being deemed irrelevant by those in the know.

But, that said, if it’s not first clicked on, it can’t be engaged with later.

Which means someone can be accountable for the clicking part (media agency?) and someone else can be accountable for the engaging part (creative agency?).

Listen, I like Mr. Kurnit’s AdKeeper idea. I've said so in previous posts. He is absolutely right when he says people aren’t skipping ads, they’re skipping interruptions.

Acutally, Mr. Kurnit didn’t say that. I did. Back in 2007. I also said that people will view ads, if you let them do so on their own terms.

The question then, as it is now, is who’s responsible for that viewing?

My argument is that responsibility is a sum game between the publisher, the media agency and the creative agency.

The publisher’s job is to create the audience. The media agency’s job is to connect the right audience with the right brand. And, the creative agency’s job is to involve the viewer in the video.

Accountability can be divided between what happens outside the video, before “play” is clicked, and what happens inside the video, after “play” is clicked.

I’m not sure exactly how Mr. Kurnit is going to monetize AdKeeper. But to me is seems like he has three different revenue streams.

If only because he has three different streams of accountability.

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