Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If Advertisers Are Going To Pay Consumers To Watch Their Ads, Why Continue To Pay Agencies To Create Them?

I guess I have this all wrong.

I always thought that advertisers paid agencies to create commercials that people watched and that motivated them to go out and buy the product.


Viewers don’t pay advertisers for product anymore. Today advertisers pay viewers to watch their ads. This payment can be in the form of coupons, free product or other swag.

On the model being touted by AdGenesis, viewers confirm they have watched a commercial through to its end by entering a code.

Once the code is entered, swag is sent.

Obviously, if I’m being paid to watch something, it doesn’t matter if what I’m being paid to watch is any good or not. My job is to watch the commercial, period.

I’m not watching to be convinced why this product is better. I’m just watching so that I can enter a code and get freebies.

If that’s the case, why pay the agency to create anything at all? Just put up the brand logo for thirty seconds and follow that with the code.

The result would be the same and the advertiser would save a ton of money on production.

Imagine telling a Bernbach or an Ogilvy or a Riney, “Hey, we’re going to pay people to watch the commercials you create. Don’t worry about selling anybody anything?

They no doubt would have asked to have their fee doubled.

After all, under this model, every commercial moves product.

Tough to beat that.

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