Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brand As Curator

Interesting piece written by Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Denuo.

In his piece Rishad states that there is an oversupply of quality content in the world. Oversupply is due to easy access made possible through digital technology.

Rishad goes on to explain that it’s not compelling content that is rare, it is time that is rare. We don’t have enough time to take all the content in.

So what we look for is curators who create shortcuts for us. Who tell us what content will be worth spending our precious time with.

We pick out our own personal curators on Twitter to follow.

We do the same with Facebook.

Certain journalists from certain publications serve as curators for us. We can’t read them all, so we read those that we know are going to offer quality insights or stories.

In that same regard, brands become curators.

Especially as the advertising universe becomes more opt-in and less intrusive.

As we start to have the opportunity to opt-in to more commercials, we will only have time to opt-in to those commercials that we know will be worth opting into.

Brands will train us as to which ones are worth us spending our time with.

Some brands’ advertising we will opt into because we know there will be some sort of cost-savings offered us at the end.

Some we will opt into because we know the brand creates thought-provoking or entertaining advertising.

Some we will opt into because we know they use sexy models.

Some we will opt into because we will know they will be funny.

The fact is, all brand advertising already has some sort of aura attached to it. Funny, sexy, thought-provoking, entertaining.

All brands are already curators.

What has changed is that as consumers are able to opt-in to what they want to see, it’s the brands that are the most focused curators that will get the most viewers.

And ultimately, the most buyers.

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