Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Study Reveals That Internet Users View Ads As An Distraction


How shocking.

But apparently true according to a study commissioned by AdKeeper and WPP’s 24/7 Real Media, and conducted by Nielsen.

The average click-through rate is at .09%. The main reason, at 61%, that it’s so low is that people don’t like to be taken away from their purpose on the web site.

Second, at 58%, is that people don’t see the ads as relevant. Forty-three percent don’t see the ads as engaging.

Is it a losing battle?

It is if we consider a .09% click-through rate as low.

But what if we abandoned the click-through rate as the measurement of success? What if it wasn’t about how many clicked through to the advertiser’s web site, but rather, how long they were engaged with the message?

What if success was measured by time spent rather than click-throughs?

Building a brand is about building a relationship. Relationships are built through time spent together. We can measure how long people spend with a brand’s advertising.

Is more time spent better than less time spent?

Most advertisers would say yes.

If an advertiser runs a sixty-second spot and all sixty-seconds are watched but the viewer doesn’t click through to the web site, is that success or failure?

It depends, doesn’t it.

Are we talking branding?

Or, direct sales?

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