Sunday, April 03, 2011

Let’s Stop Comparing Social Media To Traditional Media

When the metric most often used to measure traditional media – reach - is used to measure social media, social media falls short.

Conversely, when the metric that best measures social media – time spent – is used to measure traditional media, traditional media fall short.

Which is nothing more than a long-winded way of saying that social media will will not replace traditional media and vice versa.

Both traditional and social media have a place, and should be used for what they do well. And not for what they don’t do well.

Social media does not do reach well. Even though billions are online daily, reach doesn’t have the impact on social media that it does on TV.

On the other hand, social media does offer the opportunity for a commercial to capture time spent with a viewer that’s longer than 30 seconds. Something that traditional media doesn’t do well.

Both reach – how many – and time spent – how long – are important to a brand’s success.

Both can be achieved.

But both traditional and social media must be incorporated to achieve them.

Let’s stop blaming social media for not delivering what it was never designed to deliver.

Social media does one thing very well.

And for that, we should be very grateful.

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