Thursday, March 24, 2011

Instead of Buying “X” Amount of Impressions, What If Advertisers Paid Publishers For “X” Amount of Data?

An impression is nothing but a data point.

An impression is a data point that tells the advertiser that a viewer was exposed to their brand’s commercial.

But what if impressions were not the only data point a publisher sold to advertisers? What if the publisher had a menu of data points that an advertiser could purchase in an ala cart system?

Say for instance that an advertiser was less interested in how many were exposed to the commercial and more interested in how long the commercial engaged the viewers? If that were the case, an advertiser could purchase view duration data rather than impressions.

This doesn’t seem as if it would be too difficult from the publishers persepective as they already have this data.

Who it would affect the most would be the media buying agencies. They buy and sell impressions. That’s their currency. Change the currency and they’ll start to squawk.

The key is to find a way for media agencies to be able to offer value to their clients as the procurers of additional data.

Looked at that way and it seems a little more doable.

After all, it's still buying data.

Just different types.

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