Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Idealists vs. Realists

A recent Economist article said the following in regards to the change of leadership taking place in the Middle East: Yet after the wave of secular uprisings, it is the cynics who seem out of touch, and the idealists have turned out to be the realists.

The idealists have turned out to be the realists.

I’m wondering how that relates to advertising and the changes that are taking place in our business.

Will the idealists turn out to be the realists?

The idea of a Currency of Creative was addressed in the previous posting. Is this a case of idealist thinking? Or, does it have a chance to become reality?

Why not pay creative agencies based on how long their creative efforts induce a viewer to spend time with the brand? Because it hasn’t been done before?

I know that’s the easy answer. But anything that is original, by definition, hasn’t been done before.

Advertising is the business of originality. Or, at least, it used to be. Today it seems to have become the business of doing what the other guy does.

Originality scares people. Even when it comes to monetization systems. Even when they know the current monetization systems are fatally flawed.

Advertisers and agencies talk the game of idealism. But when push comes to shove, they’re more pragmatic than idealistic.

Yet everyone knows that over time, the idealistic becomes the realistic. Those that get on board sooner benefit faster.

The train’s leaving the station when it comes to digital monetization systems.

Some are boarding.

Most are not.

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