Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crowd Sourcing vs. Creative Paying

There seems to be some momentum growing behind crowd sourcing.

This is where advertisers let anyone who wants to come up with ideas, come up with ideas for the brand and then compensate the ones who come up with the ideas they like the most.

It’s a little like Roulette Creativity. Bet on enough numbers and sooner or later, you’ll hit a winner.

If, that is, you don’t go broke first.

Advertisers see this as a great way to save money – hire amateurs and who knows, they might get lucky.

The other option to crowd sourcing is creative paying. By this I mean paying your “professional” agency based on how well the creative they produce involves the viewer. The longer the viewer is involved in the spot, the more the advertiser pays the agency.

Obviously, the opposite would also hold true.

In other words, motivate your agency to creative greatness through compensation, rather than de-motivating them through crowd-sourcing. No one likes to be told that any bloke off the street can do what they do.

If your creative agency ins't being creative, motivate them or fire them. But don't crowd source.

David Ogilvy may have said it best many years ago. “Why keep a dog and bark yourself.”

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