Monday, February 21, 2011

Sears. Ethics. And, Advertising.

Sears used to be a great brand. The Sears catalogue itself will go down as one of the great direct mail pieces of all time.

Today, Sears seems to have lost their way.

They are now asking for agencies to pitch their business and hand over any and all ideas to Sears, whether they’re the chosen agency or not.

Compensation for an agency’s time and trouble? Nada.

Is this an ethical request from Sears?

Of course not.

Which raises the question, if clients aren’t ethical with their agencies before they hire them, will they be ethical with their agency after they hire them?

Which raises an even more important question. Do ethics still exist in advertising?

Everyone today is talking about how transparency is important between marketers and consumers. Transparency is also important between clients and agencies.

Sears is certainly being transparent in asking for what they are asking. Everyone now knows what that brand stands for.

The same will hold true for those agencies that decide to participate.

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  1. Anonymous11:54 PM

    I wonder where can I get a list of companies.or shows that! advertise for Sear. Or shows Sears comercials?