Friday, February 11, 2011

People Don’t Dislike Advertising. What People Dislike Is The Intrusive Nature By Which Advertising Is Delivered.

The above is Scott Kurnit’s premise for AdKeeper.

He wrote a nice piece on it for All Thing Digital. In the piece, Scott defends his claim that people will keep ads. On purpose, no less.

Very similar to what I said back in September of 2007.

There was a very interesting study done in Australia a few years back. Its conclusion? That people don’t think of advertising that they find to be useful as advertising.

Advertising that people like, or find to be useful, is considered to be something other than advertising. They consider it to be information. Or, entertainment. Or, helpful. But, not advertising.

Which means that to be considered advertising, advertising must be irrelevant and unimportant to the user.

Makes sense, doesn’t it. Advertising is that stuff that isn't useful to us. An interruption. A bother.

Which gets back to what we’ve been saying for some time now about DVRs. People aren’t skipping commercials. What people are skipping are interruptions to their programming. Which just happen to be commercials.

If we can find a way to deliver commercials to people that aren’t intrusive, people will watch them. Not all of them. But, at least the ones they find to be relevant.

The key to all this. We need to allow the viewer to define relevance. Which means treating them with more respect.

Which, at the moment, isn’t relevant to the publishers’ bottom line.

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