Thursday, January 06, 2011

How To Measure A Commercial’s Success

There have been a couple of reports out this week on how to measure whether a commercial is successful or not.

Ace Metrix says that Samsung’s TV spot for its 3D LED TV is the highest-scoring ad of 2010. It garnered an Ace Score of 736 out of a possible 950, scoring a 759 in watchability and 677 in persuasion.

I don’t know what the hell those numbers mean either.

According to Ace, watchability measures the engagement that a person has with the commercial. By “engagement” I have to assume that they're measuring view duration.

Which is interesting, because TiVo also does second-by-second, view duration measurement of commercials to indicate a commercial’s effectiveness.

Two different companies, both quantifying a commercial's effectiveness through time-spent data. Data which most every online publisher already has, but isn’t bothering to sell to its clients.

Rather, publishers give this data away to media agencies so that they can better determine their next media buy.

As we’ve said before, and will here again, view duration isn’t a media measure. It’s a creative measure.

Our last blog, Why AdKeeper’s A Keeper, elicited a lot of interest. In it, we mention that AdKeeper should reconsider what it’s selling. By this I mean, instead of solely selling on a CPM or CPC basis, AdKeeper should also be selling view duration data.

Not to media agencies, mind you. But rather, to advertisers and creative agencies.

In other words, AdKeeper should have two revenue streams, one from media agencies and one from creative agencies.

Why would creative agencies pay for this data?

Simply because if a commercial’s success is now being measured on view duration (i.e. engagement), it won’t be long before advertisers start paying their creative agencies based on this measure.

The data will tell whether a commercial succeeded. Or, failed.

The result? Failure will no longer be lucrative for agencies.

Fortunately, at least for the few good agencies that remain, success will be handsomely rewarded.

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