Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Accountability Is Still Advertisers’ Number One Concern

According to a recent ANA survey, accountability ranks as the number one concern of advertisers.

Number 2 on the list is “building strong brands".

Number 6 on the list is “advertising creative that achieves business results".

Doesn’t number 6 have a lot to do with number 2?

And if number 6 and number 2 are both working, number 1, accountability, would no longer be such a concern.

Accountability is another way of saying who do I blame when things don’t work. I don’t believe that most advertisers think their advertising does work.

So, the CMO wants accountability to cover his ass when the inevitable happens.

Not the best way to inspire greatness, is it?

Shouldn’t the number one issue for marketers in 2011 be breakthrough marketing ideas?

And shouldn’t the number 2 issue be how do I properly compensate my agency for greatness versus paying them as a commodity?

The top concern should be about how to inspire greatness. But it’s not. It’s about how to cover your ass.

No wonder the industry’s in trouble.

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