Friday, December 17, 2010

The Three Stages Of Engagement

As you’re well aware, the industry is rampant with talk of engagement.

And, because it’s the next big thing, everyone wants to take total credit for engagement. That said, no one wants to take total responsibility for engagement.

Or, for the lack of engagement.

I see engagement as a sum game, consisting of three parts: Exposure, Initiation and Involvement.

Three different parties are responsible for the three different parts of the engagement process. That said, each party is only accountable for delivering their part of the process.

It breaks down something like this:

Exposure = Measurement of engagement before initiation - Publisher responsible.

Initiation = Measurement of intent due to relevancy - Media Agency responsible.

Involvement = Measurement of engagement after initiation - Creative Agency responsible.

The key to being able to measure and monetize engagement is to be able to assign responsibility for the individual aspects of engagement. Once the industry can agree on which party is accountable for which aspect, advertisers can pay each party accordingly.

Let me know if you think I have assigned accountability correctly.

And, if not, how it should change.

2011 is the year to stop just talking about engagement and start paying for it.

Advertisers, are you ready?

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