Monday, December 13, 2010

Replacing Ignorance With Evidence. Paying Based On What Is. Not On What You Want It To Be.

Advertisers continue to buy impressions.

Buying impressions is paying based on what you want something to be, not on what actually is.

Impressions give the advertisers high numbers. We’ll be exposing our advertising to 50 million people they think. Gee, bound to sell some stuff with that many seeing it.

Of course, they know that 50 million won’t be paying attention to their advertising. At best, maybe 10%. But because they’re paying for 50 million that’s what they believe.

That’s ignorance.

The digital platform allows advertiser to know exactly how many watched their commercials and for exactly how long.

That’s evidence.

The thing is, those actual engagement numbers are much smaller than the number of impressions that advertisers are used to dealing with. And even though they’re actuals, it seems that advertisers would rather deal in the world of make believe.

Fifty million sounds better than 5 million, doesn’t it?

So, 50 million it is.

They say ignorance is bliss.

Ignorance is also advertising.

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