Monday, December 06, 2010

Opportunity To Engage Versus Engagement Per Opportunity

Any media placement that an advertiser buys offer the advertiser an opportunity to engage the consumer.

Up until now, that’s all that could be accurately measured.


It’s different now because today, the actual engagement per opportunity can be measured. And since it can be measured, it can certainly be monetized. How much involvement did the advertiser achieve per dollars spent?

The math is quite simple: Engagement Per Opportunity (EPO) divided by Opportunity Per Engagement (OPE) = Return on Involvement.

Does return on involvement = return on investment?

It does if you believe that you will sell more product the more time people spend with your brand. It does if you believe that time spent with the brand is a necessary precursor to advertising success.

After all, people seldom buy from strangers.

That said, isn’t it interesting that most agencies still sell their clients on the possibility of success rather than the actuality of results?

No doubt the agencies know something. After all, it’s difficult to justify your fee when the results aren’t there.

Sell the dream, baby. Sell the dream.

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