Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From TV to Online? Or from Online To TV?

Here’s the question - why don’t more advertisers first run their commercial online and then run it on TV?

Currently, TV commercials are repurposed to run online. Where’s the learning in that?

Running a commercial online in an opt-in format gives the advertiser critical data. The cost is less than running on TV. And, if the advertiser finds out that people stop watching the commercial 10 seconds in, they know they have to make adjustments before spending the big bucks on TV.

Online should be thought of as an affordable, worldwide focus group with real time data.

It will give the advertiser much truer readings than running the finished commercial in front of groups of ten focus group attendees while the agency cowers behind the mirror.

From online to broadcast. Makes sense.

I’m surprised that more online publishers don’t sell their services this way.

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