Friday, December 03, 2010

Digital’s Strength Isn’t Reach. It’s Depth.

When it comes to advertising, digital’s strength isn’t reach. It’s depth.

In other words, the strength of digital isn’t in how many see a commercial. It’s in how long they spend with it.

This is the opposite of TV where consumers can’t spend longer than 15 or 30 seconds with a brand’s commercial, even if they wanted to.

Which is why the objective for television is to reach as many people as possible, a minimum of three times. Share of voice equals share of mind equals share of market.

As control sits with the advertiser, intrusion is the distribution method of choice.

Digital works differently. Control sits with the user. Intrusion can be avoided. Share of voice becomes harder to achieve.

That said, advertisers are constantly attempting to recreate on the digital platform what they have on the analog platform. Scale, reach, share of voice remain the objectives.

It would be so much easier if they used TV as a reach medium and digital as a depth medium. What do we mean by depth? Time spent with the brand.

How much time can a consumer spend with a brand on the digital platform? As much time as the advertiser creates for them to spend. Commercials can certainly be longer as they are no longer restricted to 15 or 30 second formats. One commercial can lead to other commercials or information about more detailed nuances about the product.

If done well, a brand’s trail of messaging should lead right to the buy page.

Does the more time a consumer spend with a brand mean the more likely they are to purchase that brand? While direct correlations have not been established, it difficult to see how this would not be the case.

On the digital platform, it’s share of time, not share of voice, that leads to share of mind which then leads to share of market.

The objective for any advertiser should be reach on TV and depth online.

In other words, stop reaching for reach where it doesn’t exist.

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