Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Advertising Is Like Sex

According to a recent study sponsored by Church and Dwight Co., the makers of Trojan brand condoms, about 85 percent of men studied reported their partner had an orgasm during their most recent sexual event, while only 64 percent of women reported having had an orgasm

The data represents a gap in how women experience sex and how men perceive women experience sex.

The same is true in how consumers experience advertising and how advertisers perceive consumers experience advertising.

Advertisers like to believe that once exposed to a commercial, viewers watch every second of that commercial.

Viewers seldom watch every second.

In other words, there is a great disparity between perception and reality. A disparity that can now actually be measured on the digital platform.

That said, do you think advertisers really want to know how few people they’re satisfying with their efforts?

Not likely.

Just like men don’t really want to know how few women they’re actually satisfying with their amorous efforts.

Isn’t denial grand?

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