Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Eyes and Ears Versus Hearts and Minds

There seems to be on-going confusion as to who’s responsible for delivering engagement in the advertising process.

Media agency’s want to take credit for delivering engagement until engagement doesn’t occur. Then it’s the fault of the creative itself.

Perhaps the easiest way to look at it is to somehow delineate exposures from engagement as something that happens outside the body from something that happens inside the body.

Exposures are necessary to attract the eyes and ears of a listener or viewer. Engagement is something that involves their hearts and minds.

Outside versus inside.

Media agencies should be held accountable for what happens outside the body. Creative agencies should be held accountable for what happens inside the body.

Engagement in a message can’t happen without exposure to the message. So, the former can’t exist without the latter. That said, there’s no guarantee that one will precipitate the other.

They are two very distinct and different processes.

The responsibility for each lying with two very distinct and different entities.

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