Monday, November 22, 2010

Commercials That Viewers Choose To Engage With Are 4X More Effective Than Commercials That Are Intrusive

A recent comScore study revealed that viewers recalled ads they’ve chosen to engage with at a rate almost four times higher than commercials that interrupted what they were viewing.

In other words, opt-in is 4X more effective than a forced view.

Yet, 91% of all video brand advertising that runs online is a forced view, pre-roll placement. Publishes are partially to blame as they keep saying that pre-roll is the most effective video ad unit.

And, it is. For them.

In fact it seems that the only groups that pre-roll is effective for are publishers and ad networks. Consumers don’t like pre-roll. And, according to the comScore study, it certainly doesn’t work efficiently for advertisers.

So why does it remain the predominant choice? One reason is that it’s easier to execute. Just run the commercial that is currently running on broadcast.

A second reason is that it easily fills out a media plan.

The third reason? Scale. Advertising effectiveness is still predicated on size, i.e. scale. You know the old truism - share of voice equals share of mind equals share of market.

And while that equation may have been true in the past, it no longer bears fruit.

Today, it’s share of time that leads to share of mind that leads to share of market.

When viewers are allowed to opt-in to commercials of interest (and they’ll only opt in to commercials they’re interested in), they spend more time with the commercial.

That’s one reason why recall is 4X higher. A higher recall leads to a larger share of mind.

Is it worth it to advertisers to lower the overall size of the audience to increase the overall recall of their message?

You would think so, wouldn’t you?

It’s time for advertisers to understand that a lot of nothing is still nothing. On the other hand, a little of something can go a long ways towards building a brand.

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