Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Would An Agency Work Off Viewer Time Sheets?

Let’s face it.

Accountability is inevitable. The secret is to make the inevitable, invaluable.

What’s most valuable to a creative agency? Creative freedom to do what they think is right. Do agencies have creative freedom now?

Fat chance.

The client is paying for it, they’re going to have a say regarding whom to cast, what music to use, how many times to show the product, etc.

Does the agency put up a fight? To a point, yes.

But somewhere along the line the agency says, “You know what, we’re getting paid whether it works or not. We’ll lose this battle to hang on to the business.”

Result? Another average commercial.

This changes if the agency gets paid based on viewer time sheets rather than hourly time sheets (for more on viewer time sheets, see yesterday's post).

After all, if the agency is being paid based on outcome – how long the viewer is involved with the spot – rather than effort - it means the agency is putting some skin into the game.

What that means for the client is that they need to back off. They need to buy the script based on a strategy and then, get the hell out of the process.

Viewer time sheets means as the agency succeeds, the client succeeds.

Both are now working for the same result – time spent with the brand.

Agency and client become partners in the truest sense of the word.

But what’s even more important is that the creative gets better.

The result? Accountability becomes the new creativity.

P&G’s gotta love that.

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