Monday, October 25, 2010

Who’s Responsible For Engagement In The Commercial?

We all know who’s responsible for exposure to a commercial. That falls on the shoulders of the publishers and the media agencies for buying the right publishers and sites for their clients.

For most clients, the more exposures the beter.

But there’s a difference between exposure to and engagement in a message. So the question is, once a viewer clicks play, who’s responsible for how long they stay engaged in the commercial?

In an article out today, it was reported that viewers spend a longer amount of time with content on the iPad than they do on other devices. Which tends to imlpy that it’s the device that’s accountable for view duration.

Talk with certain publishers and you’ll hear them claiming that viewers stay engaged with commercials longer on their sites than on other sites.

So, it’s the surrounding content that leads to engagement in the commercial.

Curiously, what we haven’t heard yet is the agency that created the work standing up and saying, “Hey, we’re accountable for how long people are engaged with the creative. After all, we created it.”

Why is that?

Probably because if they claim responsibility, then they also have to take the blame if the data shows that people did not become engaged in the commercial.

And what agency would want to take that on?

Well, I can think of five, actually.

In my opinion, what happens outside the commercial and what happens inside the commercial are two very different things – accountable to two very different groups.

In other words, exposure to and engagement in are also two very different things, accountable to two very different groups.

It’s interesting that devices and publishers want to take credit for engagement, but they don’t want to take any blame, if viewers don’t “engage” with a commercial.

When that happens, it’s always the fault of, yep, you guessed it.

The creative.

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