Monday, October 04, 2010

How Branding Can Be Measured Online

A brand is a relationship.

It’s a relationship that is developed over time and which advertisers hope will ultimately lead to a sale.

A sale is the purpose behind both branding and direct sales efforts. The difference is that direct sales are operating on a more expedited time frame.

Relationships are built between a brand and a person the same way they are built between two people – by spending time together. Over time, trust develops. Sometimes, even love.

In most cases, the more time people spent together the stronger the relationship. In
advertising’s case, the stronger the brand.

Time spent with a brand’s advertising can now be measured online.

Most advertisers aren’t concerned with this. Most advertisers are only concerned with how many impressions their five million dollar media buy purchased for them.

Few care how much “involvement,” or time spent, that same five million delivered.

My bet is that knowing how much time was spent with the brand's advertising would prove to be a better predictor of actual sales than would how many were exposed to the advertising.

If building a brand is about building relationships, and if relationships are built through time spent together, then doesn't it make sense that measuring the amount of time a consumer spends with a brand through the brand’s messaging, starts to allow advertisers to measure their branding impact online?

It does to me.

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