Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let Viewers Determine Relevancy

According to a recent study, big, targeted online ads are no more effective than run of the mill banner ads.

When a prominent ad is targeted, the study found that people were only 0.3% more likely to buy a product than when shown a regular banner ad with no contextual relevance.

Advertisers pay more for targeted ads. Perhaps 0.3% is what advertisers consider to be “getting their money’s worth.”

When it comes to relevancy and targeting, it’s best to remember that the user controls the digital space, not the advertiser.

This means that advertisers can’t dictate relevancy, only the viewer can. This is true regardless how much extra the advertiser wants to pay.

The fact is, we need to let the viewer click in to the messages they find to be relevant.

Yeah, sure. Like that's going to happen.

Well, have you heard of search?

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