Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It’s Time For The 7-Second Spot

Procurement seems to be the driving force behind the so-called death of the thirty-second spot.

As the trades have noted, over-the-counter marketers have bumped up their share of 15-second spots to 63% of their TV buys.

Their reward? The market share for over-the-counter products has eroded to private label faster than any other package goods category.

Sure, over-the-counter marketers can stretch their budgets by doing 15s rather than 30s. But they also stretch the patience of viewers. Fifteen-second spots mean more clutter.

More clutter means less attention by viewers. Less attention means the consumer is left to buy on price on alone.

No wonder private label sales are soaring.

In a study in Australia, researchers found that likeability scores for 15-second ads were about 20% lower than for 30-second ads.

Interestingly enough, branding scores were similar.

I’m sure the OTC marketers cherry-picked that data, focusing on the latter number while ignoring the former. “I don’t care if they like my advertising,” is how the argument would go, “as long as my branding scores remain the same.”

You can bet that right now OTC marketers are sitting in conference rooms across the country saying, “Well, if it works cutting the 30 in half, why wouldn’t it work to cut the 15 in half as well?”

Which means 7 and a half second spots are right around the corner.

I hope that OTC marketers don’t stop there. If they really believe that saying less is more, why not say nothing at all?

Then, maybe even I’ll buy their products.

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