Friday, September 10, 2010

Facebook Leads In Share Of Time Spent

The news came out today that Facebook has supplanted Google as the leader in share of time spent online with 41.1 billion minutes. Google was second with 39.8 billion minutes.

What I found interesting is that it seems that “share of time spent” has become a viable metric for the digital platform.

The question is, has it also become a viable metric for advertisers in the digital marketplace?

In other words, should advertisers be wondering what their commercial’s share of time spent was?
If they ran a 60-second spot, was only 10% viewed by the consumer? Or, was it 100%?

Should time spent be a metric by which advertisers start to hold their creative agencies accountable for the work they deliver? Could it be?

While the answer to the latter is “yes,” the answer to the former is still under debate.

Why, I’m not sure.

Advertisers know that for a commercial to be persuasive, it first needs to be watched. Time spent tells advertisers how much of their commercial was watched.

If an advertiser pays good money to create 60 seconds, I can only assume they feel 60 seconds is needed to present their story and, that they would prefer if all 60 seconds are consumed by viewers.

Who’s responsibility is to create engagement over the length of the spot? The creative agency.
So, why don't advertisers hold them accountable, now that they can.

Advertisers claim that accountability over their agencies is the one thing that they want most of all.

Well, if you want it, you got it.

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