Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day After Recall Has Become Share After Watching

With a traditional TV buy, the numbers that clients were always interested in were the day after recall scores.

How many people could recall seeing a commercial for a certain brand the following day? The higher the number, the better the commercial supposedly worked.

In social media, clients should be less concerned with day after recall numbers and more concerned with what I call the share after watching number.

How many viewers who watched the commercial thought it was of enough importance, interest, or just damn intriguing enough to want to share it with their friends?

The higher that number, the better the commercial should work for the client. If not in sales, at least in terms of free reach.

Sharing is what social media is really all about. One could argue that sharing is the largest difference between social media and traditional media.

The job of creative in traditional media was to get attention, interest and finally, purchase. The job of creative in social media is the same. Except that there is one more element that we need to be concerned with.

Is the commercial worth sharing?

The reason people share a commercial has to do with how well the commercial tells a story. This is what traditional agencies are best at. Digital agencies are good at figuring out the different ways a story can best be shared.

But without a good story to start with, who really gives a damn?

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