Friday, June 18, 2010

The Purpose Of Advertising

Perhaps I’m in the minority these days, but I still believe the purpose of advertising is to sell products by creating advertising people want to watch about the product.

It’s a simple cause and effect.

If people don’t watch, product doesn’t sell.

When it comes to video advertising, my own personal belief is that the more of the commercial that is consumed by the viewer, the more product sold.

Again, simple cause and effect. All things being equal - persuasiveness of the creative, etc. -commercial view duration has a direct correlation to sales.

A thirty-second commercial watched in its entirety is more effective in the marketplace than a thirty-second commercial in which only ten seconds are viewed.

What does this mean in terms of the digital platform?

Simply that one of the creative agency’s jobs is to create view duration. And, that on the digital platform, how well the agency does its job is now measurable. If it can be measured, it can be monetized.

Which makes one wonder, why aren’t marketers paying their agencies accordingly – more for a job well done. Less for a job less well done.

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