Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Television Remains King Of Awareness

A new study commissioned by the Television Bureau of Advertising has found that television is the single most influential advertising platform.

What a surprise. Did we really expect anything else from the Television Bureau of Advertising?

But what is surprising is that 71.1 percent of adults 18+ said that TV was most likely to inform then about new products or brands. In other words, new products need to achieve awareness through reach on TV.

Which is right along the lines of what we’ve always said. Brands need to build brand awareness through reach on TV. And, at the same time, brands need build brand advocates through time spent online.

Broadcast will always be about short messages in front of large audiences.

Broadband, on the other hand can be about longer messages in front of smaller audiences.

Broadcast is about building awareness through reach.

Broadband is about building sales through relationships.

Relationships are built on time spent together, hence the opportunity for longer messages.

And yet, most advertisers still use both platforms the same way.


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