Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The “De-intrusivefication” Of Advertising

Sometimes you just have to invent a word.

“De-intrusivefication” seemed like a pretty good word. And even though I just made it up, I’m sure you know what it means.

We can continue to create advertising that intrudes on the consumer. Or, we can find a way to enable consumers to enjoy advertising on their own terms.

Not a forced view. Not a pre-roll. C’mon, we all know pre-roll should be called “hostage-roll.” After all, the viewer is held hostage – no control over the commercial. If they want to see the content they came to see, they are forced to sit through 15 or 30 seconds of something they don’t want to see.

Oh, sure. Behavioral targeting is going to make sure that the commercials that consumers are forced to sit through are relevant to them. Which is why the media agencies are telling us that consumers will be happy to watch the commercials.

Happy? Okay, if consumers are going to be so happy to watch them, then let them fast-forward through the commercial if they’re not so happy to watch.

I don’t see anybody suggesting that, do you?

In the future, we’ll narrow everything down to two types of advertising.

The type that intrudes and the type that doesn’t.

Because in the future, we’ll all come around to the same conclusion. People aren’t skipping commercials. They’re skipping interruptions.

Unfortunately, those interruptions just happen to be commercials.

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