Thursday, April 01, 2010

Viewers Indicate Higher Tolerance For Advertising Messages Online

It’s ironic, isn’t it, that comScore would release the results of their online commercial tolerance study on April Fool’s Day?

After all, the conclusions drawn from the study seem rather spacious at best, considering the way the questions were asked.

For example, when cross-platform viewers were asked their motivations for consuming a portion of their TV content online, the ability to watch what they wanted when they wanted was ranked as number one by 75% of the respondents.

Seventy-four percent selected online because they could watch the show on their own time.

Seventy percent said it was because online offered them the ability to stop and play shows when they wanted.

And, number four, coming in at 67 percent, was less interference from commercials.

Considering that the top three reasons are all pretty much in the same camp – having the ability and control to watch what they want when they want – it means the second largest reason to watch TV shows online versus on TV was less interference from commercials.

The conclusion drawn by comScore? Viewers indicate higher tolerance for advertising messages online.

I don’t know about you, but if 67 percent of my customers mentioned something as being a negative, I’d think seriously about reducing that negative rather than increasing it.

Which is why I can only imagine that comScore will run a press release tomorrow claiming that it was all an April Fool's joke.

Yeah, right.

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