Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why The iPad Will Revolutionize Advertising

There is much discussion about whether the iPad will be a commercial success or not. Analysts and investors are making their projections as to how many iPads will be sold this year and into the future.

And while sales are certainly one measurement of success, “how many” isn’t the only way success is measured on the digital platform.

Equally important to the iPad’s success is its ability to measure “how long” people decide to engage with sites, ads and commercials that the iPad will be delivering.

Apple, as reports have indicated, is set to roll out its “redefined” mobile advertising model – iAd - a few days after the iPad becomes available.


Doubtful. Steve Jobs is too smart to allow his marketing strategies to rely on coincidence.

He’s also smart enough to know that as reach and frequency lose importance, view duration gains in relevance.

With the iPad, the length of time spent with a print/text ad can now be measured. As can the length of time spent with a website and with a commercial.

In other words, the iPad measures the length of time spent with a brand through the brand’s messaging.

Is time spent with the brand of importance to advertisers?

You bet.

What the iPad offers Jobs is a mobile way to measure and monetize time spent with a brand.

C’mon, nobody’s going to buy time spent, right?

Right. Just like nobody would ever buy individual songs for 99 cents.

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