Friday, February 26, 2010

Interactive Advertising Bureau Defines Success

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is running an educational campaign about behavioral advertising.  
The campaign consists of banner ads.

Since launching in December, the campaign has delivered 600 million impressions.  The click-through rate is .06%.

The vice president of public policy of the IAB has declared the campaign a success.

With a click-through rate of .06%.
Perhaps I’m mistaken, but if you’re a marketing director that has just paid for 600 million impressions, would you be happy with a .06% click-through rate?

Would you still be employed with a .06% click-through rate?

The argument everyone uses is that nobody clicks on banner ads.  Which raises two questions.  The first being, why did the IAB choose a format that is known to be ineffective in which to get their message out?

And two, shouldn't the fact that nobody clicks on banner ads be the behavior that we should be most concerned about?

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